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Celebrate Halloween: Haram In Islam

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...

Today I just wanna share about why we cannot celebrate 'Halloween' and this entry was writen by admin #i_only_have_Allah. Thank you very much for sharing a very good info for us today especially all Muslims in this world.
It is completely HARAM to celebrate Halloween or do such things that involve Halloweens tradition like wearing mask, getting dressed in such costumes, greeting others, or even passing out candy! This is not our holiday and it is totally  prohibited to get involve in it, in any matter of way! Read for yourself how this holiday.
Began..look it up! virtually all Halloween traditions are based either in anciet pagan culture or in Christianity. From an Islamic point of view, they all are forms of shirk. As muslims, our celebrations should be ones that honor and uphold our faith and beliefs.  How can we worship only Allah, the Creator, if we participate in activities that are based in pagan rituals, divination and the spirit world? Many people participate in these celebrations without even understanding the history and the pagan connections, just because their friends are doing it, their parents doing it and because "it's fun". So, what can we do, when our children see others dressed up, eating candy and going to parties? While it may be tempting to join in, we must be careful to preserve our own traditions and not to allow our children to be corrupted by this seemingly "innocent" fun. When tempted, remember the pagan origins of this traditions, and ask Allah to give you strength. Save the celebration, the fun and games for our 'Eid festivals. Children can still have their fun, and most importantly, should learn that we only acknowledge holidays that have a religious significance to us as Muslims. Holidays are not just excuses to binge and be reckless. In Islam, our holidays retain their religious important, while allowing proper time for rejoicing, fun and games.

Remember this..
"Whoever imitates a nation is one of them." (Abu Da'oud)

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